Appointments, Collection, and COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Our atelier is currently located in a spacious, fully outdoors, garden-setting, at a private residence in the heart of Silverlake, Los Angeles. 

For an appointment, you must complete a short 'consultation call' to discuss safety procedures, style preferences and sizing. Please note, masks (unless taking pictures) and social distancing are required during the appointment. You are permitted to bring up to 2 guests.  

Due to the individualized nature of appointments, there is an $85 surcharge for in-person and/or virtual showings, which will be applied against any purchases.  

What to Bring
While nothing is required (besides a mask), a pair of heels and skin-tone colored undergarments are encouraged. You may also bring champagne -- but fear not, we have plenty. 

Alterations & Customization 
We are more than happy to schedule a follow-up appointment with one of our trusted tailors and will create a personalized alterations schedule according to your needs and event date (at an additional cost). 

We love creating new life from older pieces - whether it be by minor alterations or the transformation of a garment entirely! We work with you to create mood boards of possible enhancements and alterations to suit your preferences for aesthetic and fit. 

Of course, you are also welcome to use your own tailor as well. 

Wear It Again 
Beyond our passion of providing the perfect style for a special occasion, we are passionate about environmental impact.  We want you to invest in pieces you can wear not just once, but many times. Together we can brainstorm how to amend your dress after your event, to suit future needs.

Interested in Stopping In?
Email us to schedule a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your style preferences and sizing, as well as safety precautions surrounding Covid-19.