Maison Sully launches as a bridal atelier, artfully curated with reimagined vintage pieces that transcend generations. The concept is founded on the desire to offer brides storied pieces that can be personalized and made completely their own through hand-tailored service.

Rooted in converging early traditions with modern sensibilities, the Maison Sully collection is an ever-evolving offering of gowns, cocktail dresses, suits, separates and accessories. With a particular focus on the mod and disco eras of the 1960s and 1970s, the silhouettes feature clean lines with bold design accents – achieving a refined balance between simple and statement, enriched by fabrics that define the depth and character of every individual piece. The eras represented in the collection more broadly span the decades that design enhanced the human form, starting with the 1930s. Replacing the rigidity of the Edwardian era and the shapeless styles of the decade that preceded it, the elegance and craftsmanship that marked this time period set the tone for the characteristics that define both the Maison Sully collections and its approach to hand-tailored personalization. 

The collection provides a rare combination of iconic vintage and inspired modern designs, affording a totally unique offering for discerning brides and anyone wanting to dress up. The experience is personal, much like visiting a trusted friend's fantastic closet, filled with vintage treasures in a charming setting that feels relaxed, disarming, and exciting. It is for a new generation of individuals who care about tradition, but are not afraid to make bold choices especially when it comes to fashion.

Curator & Designer Melissa Sullivan is an experiential designer with a career producing weddings in different parts of the world. Over the years, she has guided brides lamenting over the struggle to find pieces that were both uniquely reflective of their personalities and financially attainable. This process reawakened her appreciation for vintage collectibles, which began at a young age in accompanying her mother to estate sales as they moved around the country – a passion that she continued to foster into adulthood. A graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, her combined background in weddings, fashion, and vintage collection set the foundation for the launch of Maison Sully. 

Currently pieces are available for viewing in Downtown Los Angeles. An in-house line of accessories utilizing responsible and recycled materials will launch in late 2021. 

The name Maison Sully is dedicated to the memory of Joe Sullivan nicknamed 'Sully,' Melissa’s Father and the epitome of classic-cool.