Redefining the Modern Atelier Experience

Maison Sully is the first bridal atelier of its kind to offer a completely customizable approach to vintage. Weaving stories of the past with ones defined by the present, every piece is reimagined to capture the vision of the wearer and the intimate essence of the occasion.

Open for Appointment in Los Angeles or Virtually.
Accessories & limited-release online store launches Spring 2021.

About La Maison


“Fashions fade, style is eternal.”
― Yves Saint Laurent

Maison Sully is founded on the desire to offer brides storied pieces that can be personalized and made completely their own through hand-tailored service. We re-design pieces and materials to take on new forms that highlight their best attributes and serve modern aesthetics. We collaborate closely with our clients on design elements, exchanging mood-boards & sketches to bring visions to a new reality.

We aim to maintain the integrity of pieces while also enhancing them. We believe upcycling is the truest way to honor and continue legacy.


Our atelier is currently located in a spacious, fully outdoors, garden-setting, at a private residence in the heart of
Silverlake, Los Angeles. Email us to schedule your visit.

Accessories & limited-release online store launches Fall 2021.